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Priority to customers

We give our best to put customers? requirements into effect and share a sense of accomplishment with customers.

Strengthen competitive edge

We forecast changes and improve our original technologies to provide top satisfaction for customers.

Value employees

We create a working environment where our employees can fully exercise their creativity and capabilities.

Harmonize with community

We make every effort to be model corporate citizens trusted and welcomed by the local community.

Producing quality cars that lead to our customerfs satisfaction is the goal of a car manufacturer. In the same way we strive to satisfy our customers, we extend this goal to the car manufacturers.
For over half of century since we were founded in 1959, we have been thinking of ways to manufacture parts that will satisfy our customers.
For example, we created a comprehensive manufacturing system that leads from development to quality assurance in order to consistently deliver the highest quality products. In addition, we built a production base in the United States to ensure real-time delivery of the same high-quality products that we provide in Japan to our customers who have moved overseas.

We would also like to become a company that can share the joy of manufacturing with our customers as we begin the second half of our century in business.